At Weston Premium Woods we offer custom manufactured PVC and Acrylic edge tape to match all of our Premline High Gloss and Super Matte panels. This tape is available in solid as well as 3D 2-in-1.

Finishes By Premline

NEW – Coming January 2018

D0310 Spiegel Mirror
SO310 Frosted Mirror
Bronze Frosted Mirror
D6324 Gold Honeycomb
D6325 Bronze Honeycomb
D7012 Steel
D08023 Ebony Silver
D08022 Grey Oak
D6870G Grigio Notte

High Gloss

4517G Antracite
4152G Avorio
4303G Bianco
4557G Cappuccino
4523G Grigio Chiaro
4602G Nero
0510G Rosso
8238G Tortora
8440G Prugno
71512G Prugno Silva

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