Thermory Ash Siding Along the Eglinton Corridor

On September 28th, the Globe and Mail featured an article about a Mazenga Building Group townhouse complex built in 2016.  This modern build used 6,000 square feet ofThermory Ash wood on the façade. Thermory was chosen by the design team at Batay-Csorba Architects (with assistance from Turner Fleischer Architects) for its durability and ability to weather to a uniform silver grey to blend with the black brick.

From local home owners and neighbours to the design community as a whole – reception to the townhomes has been quite favourable. Erik Bornstein (of Mazenga) says it’s “turned into a statement piece” for his company.

Thermory is real wood (namely Canadian & US domestic Ash) ranking in hardness with Oak and is harvested from well managed sustainable forests. Using highly technical, computerized, thermal chambers that utilize only heat and steam and no chemicals (the Ash is heated to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit). This technology has been developed and perfected over the last 25 years in Estonia EU.

Thermory hardwood decking and siding provides a beautiful, stable and durable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods, is superior to unstable, non-durable softer woods and preserves aesthetics unlike composite material decking products.

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