This month, Color Marketing Group, the premier international association for color design professionals, issued a color alert and deemed May to be the month of Greenery. And we’re celebrating this May’s color alert by featuring one of our late 2020 additions to our CLEAF collection – Toucher UB54 Oliva! The Toucher texture is inspired by the roughness of stingray leather. Add a nature inspired touch of color to your next design with  UB54 Oliva! Request a sample today!

Sunshine, Barbecues, and a Beautiful Thermo-Treated Bamboo Deck!

What more could someone ask for?

With the summer quickly approaching, Weston Premium Woods has ensured that we have a full inventory to fulfill all of our customers needs in a timely manner. Our Thermo-Treated Bamboo is made from renewable raw materials making it incredibly durable. And most importantly, it comes with an easy clip system to save hours on the installation.

Thermo-Treated Bamboo can also be used for handrails, soffit, fascia, and siding to give you and your family a unique, modern contemporary backyard that will no doubt leave your neighbors in awe.

Weston Premium Woods understands our customers needs and demands and we still carry a full line of Thermally Modified Ash for the instances where Thermo-Treated Bamboo is not the fit for your exterior needs and wants.

Our dedicated team knows the difficult climate we are in, so please contact us to facilitate getting samples as we strive to meet your needs on a daily basis!

Tantimber: With New Partnerships Comes New Products!

As leaders in exterior wood products, our customers influence plays an integral role in our growth. With our customers demands ever changing at a rapid pace, we listened to their calls and recognized there was a need for a hand scraped look. With our exclusive partnership with Tantimber we are now the only company to offer a Brushed texture in our 5/4 decking. Not only does this create a distinguished look, provides texture against slipping, but also hides any small cosmetic scratches from furniture, rough shoes, or general wear and tear.

If the Brushed aesthetic is not for you, we will still be carrying the smooth look in our 4/4 decking to meet your needs, along with our siding in 4” and 6”.

All in all, Tantimber and Weston Premium Woods can and will continue to cover all your decking needs, from start to finish. Click here to request a sample!


In late 2020, Weston Premium Woods released 5 new exciting colors/textures in our CLEAF collection. Within this collection, we introduced Millennium in both a golden and gray color tone. The Millennium texture reproduces the extremely smooth and uniform composition of red pine. Its flaming look creates beautiful visual effects through alternating levels of matte and gloss. With the growing trend of exposed plywood cabinetry, CLEAF Millennium provides the same look without all of the work! Ready for a sample? Let us know today!

Weston Premium Woods Enters Exclusive Partnership with Tantimber

Jan 6 2021
Brampton Ontario

Weston Premium Woods today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Tantimber to be the exclusive multinational distributor of Thermally Modified Hardwoods and Softwoods in Canada.

Weston Premium Woods has extensive experience in the Canadian marketplace servicing the Thermally Modified lumber needs of Canadians for over 7 years. Weston Premium Woods is a 75-year-old company that is owned and operates under the Richelieu Hardware of Canada banner and was their largest acquisition to date with sales in excess of $1 Billion Dollars.

Tantimber is a subsidiary of TMT that has been in business for 16 years.  As a market leader, Tantimber specializes in producing Architectural approved Thermally Modified Decking, Siding, and various other Thermally Modified products. Tantimber is a market leader in Thermally Modified Timber with distribution channels in more than 20 countries.  This will be their first exposure to Canada.

Bringing the manufacturer direct to the consumer has always been the goal of Weston Premium Woods. The feet on the ground, consultative approach is the core competency of what has made the company successful.

Not only does Weston Premium Woods have excellent partners with their customers, but this new marriage with a highly committed, professional, technologically world-class supplier is the next step to what was needed to grow and continue to be the market leader in an ever changing competitive space.  

Nico Poulos

Weston Premium Woods a Division of Richelieu Hardware Canada

New Fall 2020 CLEAF Collection

Weston Premium Woods is excited to announce the release of a new CLEAF collection for Fall 2020.

This recent set of 5 textures/colours highlights the focus and dedication that CLEAF continues to apply to research, technology, design and fashion. Below we take a closer the new selections and the inspiration behind their creation!


Introducing MERINO

Merino delivers value without compromising performance or quality.  Offered as a 4′ x 9′, anti-bacterial, one-sided panel, the range includes 5 gloss and 5 super matte color options. Merino is scratch-resistant, UV resistant and fingerprint resistant. Complimentary items include HPL and 1mm edge tape. Produced on an MDF core, matched melamine back and an electron beam cured lacquer face, the results are stunning! Merino is a cost-effective solution without sacrificing beauty and durability! Drop us a line to request your sample book today!


Earlier this year, Weston Premium Woods added an exciting new texture to our CLEAF lineup: Bruciato. The Bruciato texture is inspired by Shou Sugi Ban – the ancient Japanese technique of burning wood to preserve it over time. Besides being a conservative and eco-sustainable practice, it gives an aesthetically pleasing “burnt wood” effect. The new Bruciato texture is the representation of this effect on an ash essence. Want a sample? Send us an e-mail or contact your sales rep today!

New Finsa Collection

Weston Premium Woods is excited to announce the addition of 7 new colors to our FINSA collection of antibacterial TFL stocked in house.

FINSA is the perfect anti-bacterial, cost effective, high quality melamine for all of your project needs. Among the colors being introduced are some new textures including ultra matte stone, metallic, and a much anticipated walnut. 

Samples are ready to go! Be sure to request your updated FINSA sample box which includes all of your FINSA favorites and the new 7 additions.