Barefoot on the Hottest Day of the Year? Absolutely!

With the recent passing of the summer solstice, when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from our Northern Hemisphere, the Canadian decking season is officially upon us.  But make sure you know your decking material before you step on it with bare feet because although wood and bamboo “keep their cool”, composite decks can scorch those tender tootsies!

Why are some decking materials cooler than others?

Your decking surface gets hotter in the sun based on the amount of solar or heat energy it absorbs versus how much it reflects. The darker the surface colour, the more heat is absorbed and the hotter it becomes.

Also, the type of material the boards are composed of is extremely important. For example, heat concentrates on the top of composite decks which leads to burnt feet, plants, and anything else you choose to set down on the surface. Alternatively, thermal-treated wood and bamboo surfaces pull heat deep into the board; the high solar reflectivity ensures that you can enjoy your deck and the sunshine at the same time.

Our Thermofied Ash and Thermo-Treated Bamboo decking disperse heat throughout the deck board resulting in “no hot feet” (the surface temperature will remain at comfortable level). Bask in your outdoor oasis without worry!

Want a sample so you can test it out yourself? Send us a request or contact your sales rep!