Thermo-treated bamboo at the National Home Show!

dasso.XTR deck at National Home Show

From March 10-19, 2017, our thermo-treated bamboo decking was the decking feature in the Future Dream Home at the National Home Show. The 450 sq ft deck was built completely out of our sustainable exterior thermally-treated bamboo and resin decking. The rich, exotic brown colour combined with remarkable durability and density made for a stunning addition to the 2,700 sq ft home. 

About the Future Dream Home: With the ever growing sustainability demands of a more eco-conscious society, the goal of the Future Dream Home is to combine luxurious design, innovative building techniques and smart-home technologies that respond to today’s lifestyle expectations. The Future Dream Home is an actual design and build project for a Toronto client, and will be re-built later this year on the homeowner’s property.

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