Fall is the Best Time to Build a Deck!

Fall is the Best Time to Build a Deck!

There’s a mistaken belief that decks should only be built in the Spring or Summer, but the Fall is actually an ideal time to begin building your deck. Below are some of the advantages of building a deck in the Fall:

Shorter Wait Time
Spring tends to be the busiest season for deck construction. Homeowners are excited to finally end their hibernation indoors and start living outside again. Because of this, the lead time in the Spring tends to be longer as everyone wants their decks built. Building your deck in the Fall means the rush has passed and you’re not left waiting to have your deck built. Once Winter passes, your deck will be ready to be used as soon as the first warm Spring day arrives.

Ground Conditions
Fall weather is typically much drier than Spring. Plants and grass tend to be more resilient to disruption so you will be limiting the damage to your existing landscaping.

Late Season Specials
Because the busy deck season is over, contractors are usually more willing to negotiate on pricing. It’s not uncommon to find sales on lumber and building materials at this time.

Fall Weather
Simply put – the weather is gorgeous! The cooler, crisp climate provides the perfect setting to gather around a fire pit on a deck with friends.

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