Grab a beer, it’s decking season!


The season is upon us and Weston Premium Woods is proud to offer our thermo-treated hardwood and thermo-treated bamboo decking/siding solutions that look and feel like exotic woods yet outperform them across the five most important characteristics: Appearance, Durability, Stability, User Friendliness and Environmentally Sustainable.

Did you know:

  • Thermo-treated material is 7 times more stable than material without the treatment to prevent splinters, warping, checking, expansion and contraction?
  • Our products are all end matched to ensure a 98%+ yield on your projects while reducing installation times by up to 40%?
  • Thermal conductivity is reduced?  Your deck will remain at a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it gets.

Our newest product, thermo-treated Bamboo, is especially interesting, offering the look and feel of real wood with all the benefits of a composite product including:

  • Cuts and molds like real wood (made with real wood fibres)
  • A real Class A fire spread and Class A durability rating
  • An environmentally responsible product that qualifies for contribution towards LEED credits
  • Lowest expansion (0.03mm) in the industry
  • Tensile strength of 28,000 psi, stronger than most steel at 23,000 psi

With our line of thermo-treated products, we know we carry the very best Hardwood (Thermofied Ash)and Composite (thermo-treated bamboo) on the market today – designed to enhance your projects and save you time, effort and the frustration inherent in working with exotic woods.

Enjoy the warm weather on your brand new outdoor deck!