Happy World Bamboo Day!

September 18th was World Bamboo Day and Weston Premium Woods is a proud supporter of the day in celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally. Since 2015, Weston Premium Woods has sold over 70,000 square feet of decking, siding, porch flooring, and panels made from thermo-kiln dried fused bamboo all across Canada.

How It’s Made: Bamboo poles are harvested from well-managed forests (full regeneration in 5 years) and cut into strands. Thermo-kiln drying removes all of the sugars and food sources for insects. 16″ of strand is placed on a panel press, compressed at 150 degrees Celsius and  then phenolic resin is added as a binding agent. The material comes out in a 4′ x 6′ sheet which is then cut into planks that get molded into decking and siding.

Weston Premium Woods’ bamboo decking is the most stable and durable exterior material on the market, offering a composite product that looks like a premium tropical hardwood.  Class 1 durability guarantees 25+ years of protection from rot and insects (same as Teak and Ipe).

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