Introducing Finsa European Textured TFL


Weston Premium Woods is proud to offer customers FINSA‘s European Textured TFL, one of the largest and longstanding mills in the world operating 10 facilities across Spain and Portugal. FINSA manufactures their own substrates and papers using their proprietary processes to offer customers top of the line quality board, fashion forward European designs and textures.

After testing the product, our customers responded that FINSA “cuts like a dream” and with “designs and textures that just aren’t produced in North America”. The best part – FINSA comes delivered to you at fair market prices and every sheet is produced with an antibacterial finish at no additional cost to you.

Weston Premium Woods stocks 7 unique decors and 1 linen for upscale interiors. Reach out to your sales rep for samples and offer your customers a unique, high performance, antibacterial European TFL at the right price. Available Today!