Long Weekend BBQ Time!

With the August long weekend coming up, maybe you are thinking of having an old school backyard cookout. It’s always great to have your own signature dishes when guests come to dinner. The same holds true when it comes to barbeque, so maybe you need a signature BBQ sauce? Here is a classic sauce recipe that is great on its own, but also lends itself for you to build on. It has a great tang and there is a nice complexity to the sweetness that comes from the three sources- brown sugar, molasses and honey! You can tweak it any way you want. More tang? just add a little extra vinegar. Like it a little smoky? Add some liquid smoke!
Click  HERE for the recipe.

No BBQ would be complete without a great deck to host your guests on. Our favorite deck of 2016 goes to Thomas Tampold.

Our Thermofied Ash hardwood exterior product line comes full circle with the Yorkville Design Center midtown Toronto back garden deck and fence creation by Estonian-Canadian architect and designer Thomas Tampold.

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