Major Moves With Our Tantimber

Our partners at Tantimber just pulled off an incredible feat. Their new, larger, state-of-the-art production facility is now open and ready for business – and how they moved their equipment to the new location is nothing short of amazing!

Their kiln, arguably the heart of the facility, is a massive structure measuring 10 meters long and 6 meters high. Moving a kiln is generally a logistical nightmare. The arduous process of taking it apart, transporting it, and rebuilding it usually takes 6 to 8 months. Tantimber did it, in just under 4 days.

The prospect of moving such a large object across public roads is more complicated than you might expect. Tantimber had to arrange for security cameras and power lines to be temporarily taken down so the kiln could move through without obstruction. Even wilder, a bridge was actually deconstructed and a side-road was built in its place to aid in the transport of the equipment. How many people does it take to un-build a bridge and make a side road in less than a week? The answer is 38.

Such a quick turnaround means they saved months of lost production time. So many people involved in such a complicated moving process shows the commitment Tantimber has to reaching their goals and serving their customers. Congratulations partner, you continue to improve and innovate, as always it’s honour to be on your team!