Inject class and style into any environment with CLEAF, the world’s leading manufacturer of textured panels. Located in Italy, CLEAF’s focus on research, technology, design and fashion have earned it numerous international awards. CLEAF gives you the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Exclusive patterns create both sophisticated and elegant surfaces for the design and architectural communities. By constantly improving the sensory experience through advanced technology, CLEAF represents the starting point for everyone in search of the ultimate in creative solutions.

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Finishes By Cleaf

New Colors for 2020

C-U129 Malevola
S083 D'Oro
S084 Sterlina
UA94 Sfondo
UB54 Oliva


B-U129 Carbone


FB11 Cemento Grigio


FB08 Zirconio
FB86 Ottone
FB81 Argento


LN26 Causa Di Dannogri
LN26 Causa Di Dannogri


FA41 Delave Penelope
FA44 Kaki Penelope
FA42 Sereno Penelope
FA46 Guerilla Penelope


LM67 Quercia
LG99 Castellina
LG99 Castellina
LK55 Pizzo Ferrato
LK55 Pizzo Ferrato
BO11 Bianco Vivo
LM08 Serra De'Conti
LM08 Serra De'Conti
LK84 Terra Bianca

Poro Noce

LS14 Bosco

Primo Fiore

P-U129 Tempesta
UB09 Ardesia
UB19 Nebbia
P-B011 Luminosa
FA33 Bronzo


LR29 Fittipaldi
LR27 Alboreto
LR41 Sabia
LR21 Caramello
LR25 Ascari
LR17 Fumo
S135 Ombra
S138 Tornado


LK98 Spiaggia Marina


LR09 Ricordi
LN66 Senza Tempo
SO71 Epoca
SO74 Rejents Parco
SO95 Infinito


UB02 Mezzanotte


SO10 Calderoni Giaciato
SO12 Terreno Scuro
SO12 Terreno Scuro
SO13 Pianure Bronzato
SO13 Pianure Bronzato
U129 Velo D'Ebano

Edge Band

Matching Edgeband for All Colors

High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminate Available in Most Finishes

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