Complete the look of the high quality and beautiful FINSA board or HPL with Weston Premium Woods’ matching, textured Edge Tape. With Edge Tape to match every FINSA board we carry, Weston Premium Woods is your one stop shop for all your decorative panel needs.

New Colors for 2020

9AQ Corona Basalto
231 Blackwood
4AE Roble Eternity
8AQ Aluminio Cava
3AT Bohemian Blanco
1AS Nogal Valentina
2AS Corona Bronce


17G Pino Cervino
17 Pino Cervino - FINSA Colour Selection
17N Roble Joplin
17N Roble Joplin - FINSA Colour Selection
24V Mystic Plomo
24V MysticPlomo - FINSA Colour Selection
33F Nogal Siroko
33F Nogal Siroko - FINSA Colour Selection
326R Fresno Fam
326R Fresno Fam - FINSA Colour Selection
98V Roble Aurora
98V Roble Aurora
97V Roble Colorado
97V Roble Colorado
84V Roble Denver
84V Roble Denver
75V Roble Azabache
74V Roble Stella
74V Roble Stella
20N Roble Sinatra


70F Tessuto
70F Tessuto - FINSA Colour Selection
71A Gris Gu
97Q Espiga Pimienta
97Q Espiga Pimienta
98Q Espiga Sal

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