Real Wood is Always Beautiful

Our outdoor Thermofied Ash and Thermo-Treated Bamboo products are an excellent alternative to tropical hardwood and composites. However – these products are still made from wood and natural materials and do undergo a patina process when they’re exposed to the elements. Ever wonder why this change happens or what to do about it? Look no further – we have your answers!

Sunlight and Rain

Sunlight produces a chemical reaction within wood and bamboo’s fiber, which holds the colour. Radiation from the sun’s ultraviolet rays breaks down the lignin in the fiber that gets washed away by rain causing degradation. The result is a change in the wood and bamboo’s appearance from it’s original colour to a gradual silvery grey. Colour change starts immediately after installation and the rate of change depends on how much direct sunlight the wood and bamboo boards are exposed to.

Dirt, Pollen, and Dust

Any outdoor surface, from that of your car to your sidewalk, take on environmental elements that can coat it and change its appearance. Your deck, siding and planter boxes are no different. Each time you and your animals tread on it or the wind blows leaves and pollen through the air, your deck gets darkened by the dirt.

How Can You Restore the Colour?

As the change is only on the superficial layer, a good cleaning with water and soft brushes will restore some of the colour and improve the appearance. If you desire additional results, be sure to coat with a UV protectant oil.  Oils have been used for centuries to protect wood and restore the original colour. Most natural oils penetrate into the fiber to enhance the natural beauty of without obscuring the grain.

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