Summer Is Here – Time To Get Outside!

With Winter behind us, the sun has finally returned, gracing us with its warm and welcoming presence. This change in weather signals the beginning of the bustling season for Summer outdoor projects. Construction of decks, privacy fences, and a variety of other exterior enhancements are already in full swing. Homeowners are seizing the opportunity to transform their outdoor spaces, adding value and aesthetic appeal to their properties.

At Weston Premium Woods, we are fully prepared for a vibrant and busy June, July, and August. We’ve ramped up our inventory to ensure we can swiftly meet our customers’ needs. Our latest Tantimber container has arrived and is already fulfilling orders that were specified during the Winter months.

Whether you’re dreaming of a stunning Tantimber thermally modified ash deck, a stylish rainscreen to enhance your backyard, or you prefer the darker, richer look of our Thermo-Treated BambooWeston Premium Woods has all your exterior project needs covered.

Additionally, both products feature joint end-matching and hidden fastening clips on the decking profiles. This design minimizes waste and reduces the need for face screwing, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient installation process.

Get ready to enjoy a summer filled with beautiful and enduring outdoor spaces, courtesy of Weston Premium Woods! Need samples? Send us an e-mail!