Tantimber: Quick Installation, Long-Term Enjoyment

Now that the first phase of our customer’s summer projects have been completed,  some of the most positive feedback we have received this year has centered around the Tantimber grooved decking clip system. The simplicity and ease of use has been a huge hit with our valued customer base.

At a ratio of 2 clips and screws per square foot of space, and not needing to land on joists, the amount of waste is greatly decreased while still completely maintaining the aesthetic allure as the clips sit on the underside and are not viewable to the naked eye.

This effortless clipping system is a perfect solution for our customers that are looking for a quick and simple installation process. And in the event that the clipping system is unfamiliar to you, we are still actively stocking and offering the non-grooved decking and smooth 4 sides boards to meet all customers comfort levels.

Click the image above to see how easy Tantimber clips are to install!

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