Thermofied: Unrivaled Performance

“It is easy to cut, router and glue up so it can be used for much more than decking.  The ends make it a quick install and it looks great!” Alan Johnston Contracting

Thermofied Ash brings an interior design feel to the outdoor environment. For many years, extraordinary European and world-renowned architects and designers have relied on Thermofied to provide the ultimate expression of excellence for their outdoor projects.

Thermofied is a naturally enhanced wood using only heat and steam – no dyes, stains or chemicals! The heat alters the wood, enhancing it completely. The steam gives complete control over the process. The result? Products that are highly rot-resistant without sacrificing strength or pliability.

Rot-proof Thermofied is protected by a heat and steam process to prevent decomposition.  The organic matter won’t break down overtime; rot-resistance that few products, exotic or engineered, come close to equaling.

Thermofied offers significantly reduced absorbency as it maintains its original dimension when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity. Thermofied is a truly natural product that has no equal, and may just change the way you think about wood.

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