Weston Premium Woods 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, the “Hardwood department” of the Weston Forest Group was spun out to form Weston Premium Woods Inc. Now, celebrating our 10th anniversary, it’s incredible to look back and see how much the company has evolve

Ten years ago, we were predominantly a wholesaler and distributer of North American hardwoods, dabbling in some peripheral panel products. Over the years, a number of trends occurred which we were able to recognize and react to. On the lumber side, as imported and exotic species were becoming more fashionable, we were able to develop a network of excellent suppliers from around the globe, and today, these products represent a significant portion of our lumber offerings. At the same time, we recognized the trend towards panel and composite products, and therefore expanded our lines of Particle board, MDF, Hardwood plywood, Melamine and edge tape to the point where these products now represent about 50 per cent of our sales.

Not only have the product offerings evolved over the years, but so has the way we do business. A couple of years ago, it became apparent to us that in many cases, decisions on product were no longer being made by the manufacturer, but by a designer or architect who specified a product into a job. We began scouring the world for “designer products” that we could have exclusivity on, and thus WPW’s “Design Line” was born. We now have a dedicated Spec Rep and marketing focussing on the A & D community promoting our exclusive brands CLEAF, PREMLINE, LAMITECH and THERMORY.

All of these changes have allowed Weston Premium Woods to continue to thrive, but the true secret to our success is our people. We have been blessed with a top notch team of passionate and dedicated staff, who day in and day out, strive to deliver excellent quality and service. In addition, we have been truly fortunate to develop wonderful partnerships with both our customers and suppliers.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to all of you that have supported WPW and contributed to our success, and look forward to many more years of growing together.