Weston Premium Woods Introduces New Products


Weston Premium Woods is excited to announce 6 new colours including 4 new textures to our CLEAF and PREM Line collections!

With the success of the CLEAF Thermo Structured Surfaces and PREM Line High Gloss product offering, as well as ongoing customer feedback, we are proud to increase our CLEAF product line to include a total of 20 colours and 7 textures. Located in Italy, CLEAF is the world’s leading manufacturer of textured panels. CLEAF employs state of the art technologies to produce textured, realistic veneer looking panels for kitchens, feature walls, vanities and more. With enhanced features such as stain, steam and scratch resistance, they have the look and feel of real wood without the added labour of sanding and staining. Along with brand new wood grains, Weston Premium Woods is bringing in two linen patterns ideal for cabinets and closets as well as a cement pattern that produces sharp and tasteful counters, furniture and feature walls.

Complimenting our CLEAF collection, PREM Line designs flawless, high gloss PET panels with the lasting brightness of back painted glass through the use of UV resistant materials. PREM Line applications are highly versatile and commonly used for kitchens, feature walls, retail fixtures and mitre folding due to their ‘no memory, no warping’ qualities. As the original creators of this patented technology, PREM Line is adding Super Matte panels to their wide selection of colours and wood grains. The Super Matte line, offered in 4 shades and neutral tones includes black, white and grey, produces a velvety finish and is resistant to staining, scratching and even the appearance of fingerprints.

Merging functionality with style, CLEAF and PREM Line are class leading, fashion forward manufacturers of high end panels exclusively offered by Weston Premium Woods.

CLEAF and PREM Line are testaments to Weston Premium Woods’ commitment to offering the latest design trends of the finest style and quality. The world of design is ever-changing and we are delighted to be able to provide these new colours and textures for our customers.