What A Difference A Year Makes!

A year ago, lumber prices were going up on a weekly basis and supply was practically non-existent.  The same was true for MDFdecorative panels and almost anything related to building materials. Interest rates were low and no one was talking about inflation.

Fast forward to today and all is the opposite.  Supply is now plentiful and prices in some cases are dropping at the same rate they went up.  Interest rates have increased substantially with more increases on the horizon and inflation is the number one threat to our economy. All these changes bring new challenges, but at the same time, new opportunities.  Weston has positioned itself to meet these challenges head on and take advantage of the opportunities.  Vertically integrating, like the addition of our door and cut to size programs are just some of the ways we will continue to grow and become more relevant to our industry.  We look forward to the coming year and are enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.