Introducing: Weston Slat Wall Systems

The Weston Slat Wall System is an innovative paneling solution designed for hassle-free installation! Our panels are expertly designed to ensure a seamless and effortless assembly, requiring no additional work upon arrival.

Measuring at 2×10 feet (23.5 x 119 inches), Weston Slat Walls are perfectly sized for easy handling and transportation ensuring convenience without compromising on quality.

The Weston Slat Wall System is available in both a narrow and wide slat profile in 3 different colors:

Light – Cleaf LR41 Sabia
Medium – Finsa 1AS Nogal Valentina
Dark – Finsa 75V Roble Azabache

Suitable for both commercial and residential interior design, our decorative wood panels seamlessly integrate into any space. Weston Slat Wall System panels are fabricated in Canada, meticulously crafted by master millworkers and made to order in just 2-3 weeks!

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