Thermofied Deck in Homes and Cottages!

Homes & Cottages, Canada’s largest consumer and trade magazine, featured an 800 square-foot Thermofied Ash deck designed and built by Amadeo Barbini. However – this is no ordinary rectangular deck at the back of the house.  The deck beautifully bridges the gap between indoors and out, providing an inviting, comfortable space from which to enjoy the garden.

The elegant built-in barbecue, also finished in Thermofied Ash, presents an enjoyable entertainment setting.  Thermofied Ash is an ideal, natural decking material and thanks to its superior dimensional stability, Thermofied provides unlimited landscaping opportunities.

Thermofied’s unparalleled stability is due to the removal of the natural sugar during the thermo-treatment process. Rot feeds on sugars in the wood – by removing the sugars, Thermofied can no longer support the growth of bacteria and therefore will not rot and will remain stable for many years to come.

An added benefit to the thermally-modified process is the unique “walnut colour” of the wood becoming homogeneous throughout the boards. It’s possible to protect this rich colour against UV rays by using oil based stain products. Otherwise, the colour of the wood will patina and turn a beautiful, even grey colour over time. Not to worry – this “greying” does not have an effect on the natural durability of the material.

The dimensional stability and workability of Thermofied Ash made it the perfect wood for this designer deck.

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